NationWide Self Storage Trust

NationWide Self Storage Trust


Self-Storage is about as recession proof a business you will find, as consumers buy more stuff when times are good and downsize their homes and need a placed to put their stuff when the economy is weak. Today's demand for self-storage lockers has never been greater. As Baby boomers are retiring, generation X and Y are moving into micro-sized apartments, governments, municipalities and small businesses are all either growing or downsizing. This demand goes beyond just trends. Everyday lifestyle transitions— such as marriage, divorce, retirement, estate settlements, moving, or the simple need to de-clutter a home—all contribute to the strength of the self-storage industry.

NationWide Self Storage Trust is a simple business model which provides tax efficient monthly income, and exposure to real estate (tangible asset). It's an investment that historically generates revenues equal to or better than rental income from residential or other commercial real estate investments. Join our presentation to learn how to invest now, build income and earn value.


NationWide Self Storage Trust is a unique real estate investment designed to provide monthly income (targeting 8.5% annualized preferred return and participation thereafter in all income and profits) and the potential for long-term growth through the increasing value of real estate properties in the self-storage industry. The tax-advantaged investment structure is designed to minimize taxes payable on monthly cash distributions until 100% of investors' capital is returned.

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